Help From a Geek was created as a way to educate people and empower them to learn and fix their computer systems. I was sick of seeing people being taken advantage of by computer repair companies charging exorbitant fees to do things that the user could easily do themselves.  These places also didn’t educate the user on the things they could do to prevent issues in the future.  Thus, Help From a Geek was started to provide a free resource for people to learn and take charge of the technology in their lives.

As I furthered my education into computer science, project management, and information systems management, I decided that I should share the things that I have learned and the experiences that I have had.  As I continue my work as a project manager and data analyst, I am constantly learning new things, facing new hurdles, and overcoming challenges.  I want to share that with everyone in the hopes that it could benefit others learning about data science, business intelligence, project management, or how technology works and how to stay safe online.

key topics


Members get access to video lessons on topics such as business intelligence, statistics, project management, and my technology fundamentals series.


Members get access to the sample files used in each of my lessons and articles. Follow along, learn, and improve your skills!


Members gain access to the members’ only forums where you can discuss, collaborate, and learn from other members. This is a great resource to help you learn about technology and grow your skills and understanding.


When possible, I will create PowerPoint presentations that go along with the lessons in Geek U. Following along with these presentations should help you better understand the material.

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I have masters degrees in information systems management, project management, and computer science. I have bachelors degrees in technical management and finance.

I love to learn. I love to write. I love technology. I love math.

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